Campaign for protecting children from sexual abuse

Child abuse is one of the most ignored issues in Pakistan despite its significance. 80% children in street situations are vulnerable to exploitation by abusers who may sexually assault them; even the number of reported cases has been increasing in the last two years which is now getting the attention of national media. Child sexual abuse can result from mental, physical or emotional harm. In many cases, the children are not even aware that they are victims of child abuse.
AF-KPCPWC and campaign partners will develop their short term campaign’s strategic goals within scope of key policy issues and action plans leading towards their achievement. The campaign will consist of seminars and consultations to develop State discourse around policy issues to formulate solid recommendations for bringing policy or legislative change. Music, walk, theatre, and other entertainment activities will also be a part of the campaign for awareness-raising of the masses. These activities will be organized at country level by and with support of partners.
Public service messages for television, social media, cable TV, mobile phones, radio and billboards highlighting rights and protection concerns of street connected children will also be designed and launched to increase awareness around this grave issue. Street Children Ambassador will also play an important role in it.

The campaign was launched on the universal children day 2019 at Chief Minister (CM) House Peshawar, thus Azad Foundation had arranged the grounds preparation activities in different locations of Peshawar to sensitize the masses towards child protection issues. In these sessions, our team did sensitization of the participants, regarding child sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.


1. Sensitization sessions in Peshawar University Peshawar:

Azad Foundation conducted the planning meetings with chairmen of Social Work and criminology departments at Peshawar university, for the sessions.
On 13th November,2019, the sensitization sessions were carried out and a list of volunteers also recorded for support of street children protection in the field, and also to enhance the outreach towards communities.
Chairman Social Work department welcomed the participants and also did peel up the child abuse issues and their consequences in future.
Project officer defined azad foundation holistic approach to uplift communities, and its intervention linked with the street children programme.
A psychologist from Azad Foundation introduced the signs and symptoms of sexually abused victims’ children, to notice on time and insisted to report appropriately to relevant quarters concerned.
A Daily Living Skills Trainer of Azad Foundation, share the experiences with participants, and presenting topic
“The prevention strategies from sexual abuse of children in communities”.
A question answer session was carried out by all speakers with participants and satisfied the curiosity of students concerns and one of Assistant Commissioner Mr. Abid Ali also responded to some questions with his practical experience of the field.
Chairman Criminology Department did the closing remarks, with his experiences at foreign exposures visits of his life and winded up the session, with vote of thanks to all participants

2. Sensitization session at Special Education Complex Phase V Hayatabad Peshawar.

AZAD Foundation conducted the coordination meetings with Director Special Education and discussed the upcoming universal children day and the campaign against the child sexual abuse and exploitation in context of street children, they agreed and offered the hall at special education complex for activities of sensitization sessions.
Azad Foundation hired the M/s Wonder World advertising firm, for the celebration of universal children day. The first function of their activities has been exercised in the Special education complex. Around 350 children attended the session, along with management of a special education complex and all official staff of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa child protection and welfare commission.
The world team presented the magic show, puppet show and a sensitization song, especially designed and prepared for Universal Children Day, by the Azad Foundation. Project Coordinator Azad Foundation, welcomed the participants. He updated the progress of Street Children project, and also highlighted the Azad Foundation efforts for street children. The Worthy Deputy Chief KPCPWC Mr. Ijaz Muhammad Khan officially attended the program as chief Guest, addressed the audients with sensitization speech towards street children and their consequences. He showed the Govt of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa commitments towards the protection of kids by all means.

3. Sensitization sessions at Zamung kor Model Institute for State Children Peshawar

AZAD Foundation conducted meeting with Director Zamung Kor Model Institute for state children at Peshawar, and discussed the upcoming universal children day, and the sensitization sessions at Zamung kor Director concerned committed to ensure the participation of kids in that activity and also offered to conduct sensitization session at Zamung Kor.

The Director concerned welcomed the participants, showed his commitments for the protection of children and also to assure the child rights within his jurisdiction.
Wonder World performed their activities to sensitize the street children towards the potential measure through puppet show, taboos presented by the small kids. The Wonder World team showed the Magic show to enhance the amusement of kids in events.
Chief Executive Officer Mr. Naveed Hassan Khan did peel up the Azad Foundation motives towards the street children and took the kids agreement on his statement for the protection of kids, and winded up the session with vote of thanks to all participants. Children enjoyed the event and showed their interest through high clapping. At the end, Ms. Rubi, a well-known TV actor, presented the Dua along with a small kid and winded up the session.

launched “AB BUS KARO” Campaign on Universal Children Day Celebration & Walk at CM House

Universal Children day was celebrated and lunching “AB BUS KARO” Campaign by Azad Foundation, with the collaboration and support of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Child Protection & Welfare Commission, Muslim charity UK and Handicap International at CM House Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar.¬
The Azad Foundation has started the campaign for the child protection promoting activities through M/s Wonder World a week before, a consultant for the promotion of child protection activities.
A symbolic walk was conducted by the participants including, Provincial Minister for information, Chief Secretary KP, Deputy Chief Secretary, Secretary Social welfare Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mr. Irfan Rajpoot Programme director Muslim Charity UK, Mr. Naveed Hassan khan Founder and Chief Executive Azad Foundation, Mr. Ijaz Muhammad Khan Acting Chief (Deputy Chief) of KPCP&WC Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a representative from Handicap International , Director Special Education Complex Hayatabad, Director Zamung kor Institute for state Children Peshawar, Civil Society Organizations, all Project Staff officials of Azad Foundation, KPCPWC, Special Education Complex, Zamung kor Institute, and large number of street children from Zamung kor Peshawar participated.

At the end press briefing was carried out by the Provincial minister Mr. Shaukat Ali Yousafzai, Chief Secretary KP, Secretary Social Welfare, and showed the Govt commitments towards the assurance of children rights in Govt of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Media Campaigning for Universal Children Day:

Handicap International supported the Azad Foundation in a kind of media campaign.
He also issued the messages of Worthy Chief Minister KPK, and Secretary Social Welfare, through local newspaper ads, to show the commitments of the Govt towards Children rights.