Capacity Building and Strengthening the Government 


Programmatic Outcome Programmatic Output Objectives Prospective Partners
Relevant Public/private institutions have the information and capacity to develop and implement policies and programmes focused on street connected children in Pakistan Street Children Resource Center is strengthened  to provide research and training support to AF and stakeholders in all provinces to ensure enhanced programming and informed policy making for street connected children of Pakistan Conduct an assessment of relevant public and private institutions including academia by the end of 2nd quadrant of 2020 to identify capacity development needs
By end of 4 quadrant of 2020 develop and offer a core set of beginner and advance level certificate courses in collaboration with 2 international universities and recognition from HEC in areas of child development, child protection and street connected children for strengthening technical capacities of the 2000 key individuals from 20 relevant public and private institutions in four provinces including academia and other stakeholders by the end of 2024 to build firm foundation for their ability to initiate work on street connected children focused programming and policy development
Facilitate 25 public and private organizations for developing street connected children focused programmes by the end of 2024
Develop 100 master trainers in 20 key public and private institutions to replicate training programmes on child protection programming in context of children connected to streets
Develop child protection curriculum for police training schools by the end of 2020 for inclusion in police training curriculum in KPK by the end of 2020 and rest of 3 provinces by the end of 2024.
Assess child related crime reporting and follow-up mechanisms in police departments of all provinces by the end of 2022. Develop an advance level integrated database driven application to improve aforementioned by the end of 2020 in KPK and by the end of 2024 in rest of 3 provinces.
Civil Society IPs, Govt Depts, INGOs, AF USA
Government’s compliance towards national and international commitments in context of street connected children is reported


Academic institutions are strengthened to influence and feed into policy frameworks


To monitor and advise on research and policy feedback being developed nationally, review and recommend curriculum reforms in development studies as per international standards, concepts and approaches to be nurtured in academic institutions
To Promote the need for street connected children focused research in major academic institutions in Pakistan through quarterly symposiums/seminars with faculty and students in 2020-21.
To Support independent researches on street connected children related policy and legislation issues on national and provincial level from 2020-2024 in policy and academic institutions in all provinces.
To Facilitate 5 academic institutions for developing child development and protection focused academic programs by the end of 2024
To Develop 50 master trainers in 5 key academic institutions to replicate training programmes on child development and protection programming in context of children connected to streets
Provincial and federal academic institutions, international universities delivering development study programs, INGOs, HEC. AF USA
Provincial Plans of Action for Street connected Children are developed To establish provincial parameters of programming for Street connected Children and enhance monitoring and reporting of interventions and progress Parliamentarians, MoHR, SWD, other relevant government departments, Advocacy Network, other civil society organizations and networks, INGOs
National and Provincial Parliamentary Caucuses are established and strengthened to support advocacy for Street connected Children To propose and advocate for gender sensitive Street connected Children specific legislations, policy development and budgetary allocation for programming









Parliamentarians, CP Caucuses, Advocacy Network, civil society organizations
A report on state of Pakistan’s street connected children is published each year Establish a think tank on issues of children connected with streets by 3rd Quarter of 2020 to influence policy development and implementation and legislation at national level, to review and report government’s compliance towards international and national commitments in context of children connected with streets Resource Center, International Partners, INGOs, Advocacy Network, Government Depts. AF USA