On Completing Twenty years

Azad Foundation is completing 20 years of service, advocacy, rehabilitation and care of the children in street situations of Pakistan. Working all these years as a researched based non-profit organization Azad Foundation has achieved many occasions of honor through the reintegration and association of these children in street situations. With the collaboration of many relevant firms, communities, public/private welfare organizations, this journey of enhancing the vision & mission of Azad Foundation became authentic and recognizable.


Initiating as a social discussion forum in 1998 as Azad Group, we soon came to realize that

The issue of street children is not addressed fully in development sector interventions and public policy. We established this organization considering the gap in service provision and advocacy, developed interventions to address immediate needs of this group. Azad Foundation has gone through many phases of circumstances in this long period of time that it seems quite difficult to pen down all the incidents and occasions that had been countered for the rehabilitation of the vulnerable children of street situations and for enhancing the relevant public/private sectors in this regard, altogether. The most considerable and worthy mentioning projects of Azad Foundation include:

  1. Mobile dispensary Project 2003
  2. Dastak Rehabilitation Centre 2004-2014
  3. Dost Drop-in centre 2005-2013
  4. Drug prevention and treatment 2007-2009
  5. Dehleez transite Care centre 2007-2019
  6. Street Children Resource Centre 2011-till date
  7. Strengthening auditions and policy advocacy for children living on streets 2013-till date
  8. Street Children World Cup 2014
  9. Strengthening communities through Sports for Development and Pace (S4D) 2012-till date
  10. National Street Children Project 2015-till date


The above mentioned projects for the reintegration of children in street situations were all built upon the bedrock of Azad Foundation’s policy which considers the best interest of the child and his/her participation at its utmost, including the survival and development of the child along with promoting the non-discrimination in each case. Azad Foundation facilitated these children in form of health and medical care, non-formal education, psychosocial counseling and transit shelter along with building capacity of relevant government departments and policy development for sustainable government mediation that can support and protect these children.


Azad Foundation had the pride and honor to work with many international humanitarian and right based organizations such as UNICEF, UNODC, UNICECO, Consortium of street children UK (CSC), UNHCR, Street Child United,USAIDS, EC,etc. for capacity outcome and enhanced programming of the policy development regarding the street related children in various possible directions. Our organization has been a cynosure for research and data regarding the current scenario of street children focused circumstances in Pakistan, since we are still working with 12 different communities throughout Pakistan to prevent the risk of more than 8 million street children to come on streets.

Azad keeps maintaining its 5 year plan to strengthen government and civil society in all four provinces, to advance provincial parameters of programming and facilitate public and private organizations for developing street children focused programmes and enhance monitoring and reporting of interventions and progress by playing its part as a catalyst.

Till now Azad Foundation has changed and amended the lives of 145,380 children, with 89,040 children protected from all types of abuses including 108,660 children who have been benefited through our LSBE and Education programme. Azad Foundation in its 20 years journey, has always been an open platform for public and private audiences to volunteer and become a part of bringing a positive change in society, we hope for the same collaboration and strong teamwork to work for the betterment of these street children in all our upcoming arenas.


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