Programmatic Outcome Programmatic Output Objectives Prospective Partners
National demographic information of street connected children is established Organize and conduct a national rapid situational analysis by the end of 2020 in 4 cities of KPK and by the end of 2nd quarter of 2021 rest of 10 cities of Pakistan and publish report INGOs, Govt Departments
Street Connected Children Specific Programming is Increased in Pakistan A National Fund for Social Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Street Connected Children is established and supporting new initiatives for street connected children in Pakistan A donor conference is organized to promote and establish National Endowment Fund for social protection, rehabilitation and reintegration of street connected children in December 2020
Structure of Fund (TORs) including application and monitoring mechanism, approval body and approval mechanism are developed by October 2019
The fund is established with an amount of PKR 100 Million by July 2020
INGOs, GOs, NGOs, Corporates, Individual Philanthropy