Service Provision


Programmatic Outcome Programmatic Output Objectives Prospective Partners
A protected, healthy, educated and empowered population of children in 20 districts of Pakistan A community based monitoring and response mechanisms for child protection is established and strengthened Develop Sports for Development (S4D) community intervention model in child protection context through communities are engaged to establish an integrated child protection response and reporting mechanism through at least 40 community groups comprising of at least 20 members
Initiate health, education and WASH interventions through community groups and link them with government departments for sustainability
Introduce S4D model to public/private organizations working with street connected children in Pakistan, build their capacities through training and provision of standards, guidelines and protocols
Govt Depts, INGOs, NGOs, CBOs AF USA
Information and protection services are accessible and used by street connected children for prevention and protection from all harms Establish and make functional 8 Information Protection and Coordination mobile Unit and outreach static center  with support of 20 Kiosk (2 IPCU mobile units and 4 kiosk in 2019), (4 IPCU mobile units and 8 kiosk in 2020) and (2 IPCU mobile units and 4 kiosk in 2021) and 4 outreach child friendly creative learning  centers to cover 9 cities (Peshawar, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Mardan, Lahore, mangora, abbattabad, haiderabad ) to provide information, counseling, education and protection services to children connected with streets with S4D strategy as key method in deinstitutionalization of services to provide street connected children opportunities to exercise their right to play and their rehabilitation and social integration, Approximately 10,000 street connected children directly and approximately 40,000 children in street situations have access to sports and games opportunities to exercise their right to play and rehabilitation and social integration services in 9 cities of Pakistan, develop protocols and IT tools, develop policies, exposure to best practices. INGOs, CBOs, NGOs, Equipment suppliers and manufacturers of sports equipment, Outreach (Service Providers, INGOs, NGOs, CBOs) AF USA
Children connected with streets have access to rehabilitation and social reintegration services in 4 districts of Pakistan Establish and make functional 2 transit care residential rehabilitation center (1 Peshawar (already stablished)1 Islamabad, 1 Lahore and 1 Karachi)
2000 children connected with streets are benefited through rehabilitation and social reintegration services in Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.
INGOs, NGOs, Corporate sector AF USA
Approximately 1000 families are directly benefited from cash grant and counseling services to avoid relapses in rehabilitation process through economic stability
Approximately 2000 families are indirectly benefited from cash grant, job placement and social protection services to avoid relapses in rehabilitation process through economic stability


BISP, Baitul maal, Ahsas Programme